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Election season 2018 in Pakistan has started and youth is shown a picture of lies when in truth there is no choice for change.

Today, when you wake up with terror of staying alive one more day, is not something different. Being a voice of common citizen of Pakistan, Seeing a great sunrise through a blurred window, is a reminder of a struggle for the betterment of this youth but unfortunately this rise of our youth is manipulated and their existence is ignored by their own self-proclaimed leaders, who are nothing more than leaders to their own causes, selfish agendas, and business settlements in the name of democracy.
Election season 2018 in Pakistan has started. It is a ruthless game of chess where the kings and queens use an unimaginable number of pawns, the youth of Pakistan, for their personal gains. The youth is shown a picture of lies when in truth there is no choice for change. For them a picture of bright colors is painted which narrates the dark side of business. All this leads to a struggle of understanding that is “Politics” a ruthless business deal or a messed up mind game. In many opinions, it is both. It is a mind game played by Pakistan’s elite class for their business endeavors.
A general outlook protesters a very outrageous story. In hidesight history depicts all leaders as business be it Pakistan, America or any other nation. Ali Ibn Abi Talib centuries before claimed that business men can’t be leaders as leadership in such cases it will be more for personal gain less about true guidance and unity.
The last greatest and true leader that Pakistan knew was none other than Mohammad Ali Jinnah. No other leader has stood tall for the great nation of Pakistan with such sincerity.
People of Pakistan are passionate, courageous and above all hard workers. Such a nation is being misled by a party of exploiting businesspersons, PML-N, (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz), who uses manipulation as a key of extortion. They use small initiatives such as laptop schemes and incompetent police to gain assets in half the world. These business have string ties with the Indians who kill hundreds of Pakistani soldiers all through the year including defenseless citizens in Indian Occupied Kashmir, PPP (Pakistan’s People Party), another so-called PUBLIC party claiming to only work for the betterment of the citizens of Pakistan has roots from home politics. The party progresses only by forcing ill-proclaimed right on the layman’s property and other assets. Another widely publicized party, MQM (Mutahida Qaumi Movement), is led by a man who is too afraid to step foot in Pakistan because of his scheming and manipulate ways. Last but not the least is a party, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf), which attracted youth but they have more issues of their marriage scandals.
All these examples of leaders represent the following staying in a nutshell: “A man can be easily manipulated by a woman, money and property.” These leaders and their parties have no passion for Pakistan’s bright future.
Do you think Nawaz Sharif will stand again as a candidate of elections 2018, considering his embarrassing scandals and proved guilty schemes? It is gut wrenching to say indeed he will. Unfortunately, PML-N and PPP both have equal chances for turns. Five years is a long time. Media manipulation is a tool of brain washing. They make the people believe in growth while in reality, nothing has changed and the game remains the same benefiting the thieves and vultures.  They serve 10% while gaining the 90%.
Alas!! We must wait for a true leader like Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal, these names are still in good books of history not in the scandalous papers of Panama leaks.
For the Name of Pakistan, we as youth must get our bearing strong and start making our country for it has truly meant to be, A Greatest Nation of the World, a nation that owes its ancestors who poured their hearts and souls and soldiers, who nourished this soil with their own blood. No candidate other than us can make a change, they are the part of old film which we have been seeing repeatedly. Stand united to take what is ours.
Written By: Noor Zahra Rizvi
Noor Zahra Rizvi, is a young Pakistani entrepreneur and CEO of NZDesigns. This text is her personal contribution as a message for Pakistani youth to understand what’s happening in the country.

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