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Entrepreneur’s show unlike other startups or entrepreneurship events around you is the focusing team building and networking event in Pakistan-Iran-Turkey countries.
Entrepreneur’s Show 2017 at Mashhad, Iran on 7-8 December 2017 was the start of this movement and 460 ideas were submitted for pitching and three finalists were as below;

  1. Mechanical and supportive system (Mr. Mohammad Ali Izadpanah)
  2. Herbal soft drink without chemical preservatives (Ms. Sara Khosroshahi)
  3. Cultural Awareness (Mr Mohammad Mahdi Bajestani).

This event was witnessed by the participation of 3000+ persons during the event premises and first part of this event was KarafarinShow-Kids on 5-6 December, 2017 with two finalists as follow;

  1. PowerKids (Mr. Iman Hamedani)
  2. DigiKids (Mr. Arian Hashemi)

This event was covered in all national media of Iran announcing it as the first and biggest entrepreneurship event in eastern Iran and one of the top 10 international events in Iranian entrepreneurship ecosystem. The awarding ceremony was accompanied by the City Mayor of Mashhad, Dr. Taghi Khamsizadeh, Pakistani Head of Mission, Mr. Irfan Bokhari and Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Kanwal and several other senior dignities of the city Mashhad.

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