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NADRA, Pakistan is responsible for issuing the computerized national identity cards (also Smart ID Cards) to the citizens of Pakistan.

The National Database and Registration Authority, Pakistan (NADRA), is an independent and autonomous agency under Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control, Government of Pakistan that regulates government databases and statistically manages the sensitive registration database of all the national citizens of Pakistan. It is responsible to issuing the computerized national identity cards (also Smart ID Cards) to the citizens of Pakistan, maintaining their sensitive informational upgraded in the government databases, and securing national identities of the citizens of Pakistan from being stolen and theft. It is one of the largest government database institution, employing more than 11,000 people in more than 800 domestic offices and five international offices. It also claims to hold the record for maintaining the largest biometric database of citizens in the world. To date, over 96 million citizens in Pakistan and abroad have utilized this biometric system and its allied services to receive tamper-resistant ISO standard Identification Documents. Tracking Smart National Identity Card In order to track a NADRA Smart Card, the tracking ID consisting of 12 digits is sent to 8400. For example, the tracking ID is 108231064935, and the message is sent to 8400, you will get the message “Your request against tracking id 108231064935 is with printing facility and expected delivery 2 working days”. PAK-IDENTITY NADRA has started its service of online application for the NICOP, POC and CRC. Online data is collected e.g. fingerprints, thumb impressions and signatures. Online fee is submitted through debit or credit card. New CNIC cannot be obtained yet.

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