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A Karachi-based robotics startup, EDVON Robotics is planning on introducing a STEM-based experiential learning platform for students with a target of impacting 1 million students by 2022.

The Impact

The initiative aims to equip the young minds with 21st-century skills like robotics, coding, mechanical designing, electronics, problem-solving, self-learning, and collaboration to name a few. The project also aims at empowering work-at-home women, who want to educate their students despite having limited resources.
EDVON employs such women for manufacturing and packaging of the STEM Robotics Kits, thereby allowing them to earn more and invest in the education of their children.

Why the Need for Modern Skills?

The 21st-century kids are more passionate to learn; they only need proper guidance to change their lives for good. Robotics Competition, organized by EDVON, is a testament to the passion with which the students want to learn new skills.


Having developed and implemented the said system in over 40 schools in Pakistan, EDVON now faces funding issues to reduce the cost of the STEM Robotic Kits.
EDVON Robotics has launched a funding campaign on Indiegogo, requesting everyone to back the project so that they can change the lives of a million students. The funds will be used for mass manufacturing and buying machines for in-house production for cost reduction.

We are developing STEM Robotic Kits as a tool based on “Learning by Design Theory” because research demonstrates that teaching robotics has a great impact on students’ abilities and skills.

STEM Robotic Kits

To accomplish the dream, two STEM Robotic Kits have been prepared by EDVON Robotics. These are:

  1. ProBot- Programmable Robot for beginners (6 to 10 years old)
  2. STEM DIY Robotic Kit for intermediate (8 years old onward)

Skills for All

Students in underprivilged areas have the right to develop first-world skills, however, they are left behind in our society. EDVON Robotics promises to equip them with modern skills by training their teachers and by establishing a STEM Robotics lab.

The lab does not necessarily have to be in Pakistan but in slums outside Pakistan as well. The training will then be online.


Here’s the timeline for the project:

Contribute to the cause so that the deserving students get a chance to keep up with the technological advancements.
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